Sony 70's Set

Sony MLB The Show 19 70's Living Room Set

Sony MLB The Show Set

Sony MLB The Show 18 Gaming Set

Sony Spirit Set

Sony MLB The Show 18 Spirit of Competition Set

Lowe's for DIY Channel Deck Lighting & Heating

Basement Set_edited

Sony MLB The Show 19 Basement Puppet Set

SDG&E Grandma's House

60's Office Set

90's Basement Set Sony Interactive MLB

Locker Room 1 Wall Set Sony Interactive MLB

Epson Set Build

Epson Receipt Scanner Home Office Set

Monrovia Garden Cheat Before

Monrovia Moss Footprint

Monrovia Garden Cheat After

USS Midway Museum War Room

MacroAir Backdrop Build

SDBT Throne

San Diego Board of Tourism - "Game of Foams" Throne Build

Custom Wooden Ship Models - Pacific Fleet USS Midway Museum

Sony MLB The Show '20

Oversized Hot Dog Prop

MacroAir Backdrop Lit

Sand Snowman

Happy Honda Days - Sand Man Prop

Scion Toll Booth Build

Sony MLB The Show '20

Robot Coach Prop

Vintage Camping Scene


Happy Honda Days - Custom Prop Antlers

Blanket Fort

Qualcomm - Blanket Fort